Responsible Gambling

Tabcorp believes that industry, government and the community have a shared responsibility to help prevent the development of gambling related problems, and to ensure that problem gambling support services are available for those individuals requiring assistance.

Responsible Gambling Codes

Tabcorp was one of the first Australian gambling companies to launch a voluntary group-wide Responsible Gambling Code of Practice in 2001. The Code was revised in 2006. A copy of the former Tabcorp Responsible Gambling Code of Practice can be found below.

As Australian governments move towards mandated responsible gambling codes with varying requirements, Tabcorp decided in 2008 to phase out its group-wide Code in favour of introducing a different code for each of its divisions and, in some cases, for businesses within a division.

The evolution from a group-wide Code to individual codes will enable Tabcorp to comply with government requirements. The new codes applying to each of Tabcorp's divisions (and in some cases, each business) are specific to that business's operations, and consequently, more responsive to an individual gambler's circumstances. This development will ensure Tabcorp retains its responsible gambling leadership position, through the provision of specific codes dealing with customer care.

Tabcorp's group-wide Responsible Gambling Committee, and ultimately the Board's Risk and Compliance Committee, will continue to ensure that each business within the Tabcorp Group operates within the framework of a responsible gambling code and that customer care initiatives are as consistent as practically possible.

The following Codes can be accessed from the Related Downloads section below.

Code applying to Wagering Division

Tabcorp Wagering Division's Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct (as approved by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation (VCGR)).

Codes applying to Gaming Division

Tabcorp Gaming Division's Responsible Gambling Code of Practice.
The Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct developed by Tabcorp and Tatts Limited for use by Victorian gaming venues (as approved by the VCGR). There are two versions of this Code, with venues adopting the version they prefer depending upon their choice of staff gambling policy. There are two page 9's to choose from in this regards. The two page 9s in the translations correspond to the two page 9s in the English version.

Codes applying to Keno Division

The Club Keno Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct developed by Tabcorp and Tatts Limited (as approved by the VCGR).
Tabcorp's Queensland-based operations comply with the Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice