Corporate Governance


Tabcorp supports principles of good corporate governance and is committed to maintaining leading corporate governance practices and building on the Group's reputation for integrity.

The governance arrangements adopted by Tabcorp enable us to make well informed decisions, provide appropriate accountability and transparency, instil a culture of doing the right thing and support our vision to be 'the trusted gambling entertainment company'. Tabcorp's approach to corporate governance is also important given the highly regulated nature of the industry in which we operate and supports our long-term suatainability and ability to win and retain licences.

Tabcorp provides an anonymous whistleblower service which is delivered by Deloitte. The Tabcorp Integrity Protection Service (TIPS) is available to Tabcorp's people and stakeholders in Australia and overseas. Refer to for more information.

Tabcorp has recently made a number of changes to its corporate governance arrangements:

  • A Nomination Committee was established in June 2019. The Committee is chaired by the Board Chairman and all Non Executive Directors are members.
  • On 1 July 2019, Dr Zygmunt Switkowski retired as Chairman of the People and Remuneration Committee and Mr Steven Gregg was appointed the Chairman of the Committee. Dr Zygmunt Switkowski remains a member of the Committee.
  • In FY19, a new Market Disclosure Policy and new Shareholder Communications Policy were adopted, replacing the previous Disclosure and Investor Communications Policy.
  • A new Whistleblower Policy was also adopted, effective 1 July 2019.

Further information about our corporate governance practices are included in the documents below.