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Customer Care

At Tabcorp, we are committed to delivering our products responsibly and supporting a well-regulated and responsible industry, characterised by integrity at all levels.

Caring for people is at the heart of a sustainable business

We are committed to being a leader in promoting responsible gambling, and we support government backed consumer protection initiatives for responsible advertising.

It's our goal to equip people with information and resources to help them make informed decisions about how they gamble.

We take responsible gambling seriously. More than simply following the letter of the law, we strive to actively minimise potential harm to customers.

This means working with our partners on initiatives such as education campaigns, self-exclusion programs, research and supporting counselling services.

Tabcorp’s Customer Care Mission

Tabcorp has developed a Customer Care Mission and set of principles for responsible gambling designed to strengthen our commitment to the responsible provision and use of our products:
Respect The Customer Decision
Enable Informed Choice
Customer Care By Design
Create Tools That Care
Analyse Customer Behaviour
Interact Responsibly
Provide A Safety Net

Tools to help customers manage their gambling

We deliver a range of tools to support customers.

Counselling & Support Services

The vast majority of people enjoy gambling responsibly. However, for some people gambling can become a problem. Help is available for people who feel they may need assistance in managing their gambling or others who may be adversely affected by gambling. Free, independent and confidential counselling and support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in each state via Gambling Help Online.

Responsible Gambling Codes and Manuals

We have developed a Responsible Gambling Codes of Conduct for wagering. This Code is responsive to the individual circumstances of our business and customers. In some jurisdictions, it is mandatory for our business to adhere to the relevant government’s Codes of Practice. The Responsible Gambling Codes of Conduct and manuals for the Tabcorp Group are available from links within this downloadable document which lists out the relevant codes and manuals.